Not Just Another Sports Organization

We have an organized job program that caters to youth ages 14—35

Most of our camps supply hot meals, snacks beverages, prizes, t-shirts andcertificates.

We partner with other youth organizations to
offer evening community programs

We work with many charitable organizations
( i.e. Salvation Army and King Bay Kids) and associated with Ontario Basketball.

We host coaches clinics thorough out the year

We organize and run our own private referee

We supply basketball referees to the school board and a variety of independent leagues. Students complete their cop-op hours through our organization .

In short, Basketball Beginnings is on the move.





Our Goals:

Every year Basketball Beginnings aim to come into contact with thousands of children throughout the GTA. Our unique programs can be found in the Toronto and Catholic District school boards during or after-school. Our popularity is growing as teachers and parents are becoming more aware of the lack of physical activity among our children.

Working within the communities is a priority for our organization. Establishing relationships with principals and teachers at schools, along with the children and their families is what makes Basketball Beginnings a continued success.

Basketball Beginnings Youth Organization has been established to provide children with that much needed social integration that brings communities and families together all working towards one common goal.

Our organization would like to opportunity to work more closely with children and their families by creating a information network through our organization.
By working with businesses and professionals we hope to establish a platform where we can exchange ideas with and act as a link to families within
communities. Basketball Beginnings promotes a healthy and active lifestyle,
along with overall wellness. We are interested in working with
businesses that cater to children and families, promote health and
wellness, or have an interest in those areas.