Basketball Beginnings has developed methodologies based on some
of the finest philosophies of established coaches, who believe our
stature as a nation benefits greatly from the strength and character
of our people. Athletics when properly coached provide an environ-
ment where individuals have an opportunity to learn more about
themselves; good athletics is a character building experience and
should be used enhance our life experience.


Not Just Another Sports Organization

Basketball Beginnings is committed to raising the level of basketball
and promoting awareness in Ontario. We partner with social
organizations that work within organized structures to bring
communities together; identifying and building common goals
with youths as a group.

We understand the importance of mental and physical conditioning;
not just in basketball, but in any sport. Our desire is for players to
excel as athletes as well as individuals. Athletics when properly
coached provide an environment where individuals can learn about
themselves and about life.

We promote life-skills development through the sport of basket-
ball— our athletes are students first and discipline starts by teach-
ing the fundamental principles of personal conduct, self assertion
and fair play. We take pride in our work ethics.


A World of Difference

Basketball is a universal language. We believe lasting commitments and solid relationships are built on integrity, fair treatment and respect for one another. With these principles you can forge friendships for life.


Our Quest

Our interests lie in facilitating engagements between the lesser-advantaged and the more fortunate youths in our communities; creating opportunities for a greater learning experience.


The Edge

Basketball Beginnings Youth Organization encourages its staff to spend most of their time and efforts developing skills and instilling confidence.


A Working Theory

We keep our programs simple, and effective by setting specific and achievable goals; and then monitoring the progress of these goals. Year round, Basketball Beginnings runs a variety of programs throughout the city. You can find us in the school boards conducting skill and homework programs during and after school. As well as,sports enrichment classes developing fine and gross motor skills for private organizations and daycare programs. TAKE A LOOK !

Program Director

Clairmonte Burgess is in his seventh year of operating Basketball Beginnings and its youth organization. Clairmonte grew up in Montreal, Quebec and started playing and traveling with provincial teams at the age of nine. Coach Burgess brings over 30 years of basketball experience both as player and as a coach. His dedication to this sport has been rewarded with outstanding recognition by the media, coaches and fellow players.

Some of his acheivements include:
Five National Championships
Quebec Team Member
Dawson College Team Member
Biddy National Championship
Communication Chairman- 94 World Games

"As a coach, I would like players to do their best. However, what is going on off the court is probaly one of the most important things to focus on. In a young persons life there is no greater challange than setting academic goals and achieving them".

"Remember, to develop talent you must start with the mind"